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Published : 22 May 2010

"Ocean Hiker Sailing Course"

By Island Cruises Yacht Charter
Published : 12 May 2010

By Anonyme
Published : 17 Apr 2010

Spot / Location : ;All diving spots

"Filmed by liquid Media Koh Tao"

By Liquid Media Koh Tao Published : 15 Apr 2010

By Anonyme
Published : 13 Apr 2010

Spot / Location : Chumphon Pinacle;

"Novembre 2009 - Open Water Course"

Tag : Blue Ringed Angel fish, Copperband Butterfly fish, Longfin bannerfish, Whale Shark

By Aurélien - Coco

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Simple Life Resort 1465 THB
Dusit Buncha Resort 2340 THB
Beach Bay Villa Koh Tao 650 THB
Nangyuan Island Dive Resort 1260 THB
Ko Tao Resort 1875 THB
Utopia Suites 650 THB
Charm Churee Villa - Boutique Resort & Spa 2625 THB
Jamahkiri Spa & Resort 3900 THB
Indigo Boutique Residence 5900 THB
AmazingVilla Lipanaa 4500 THB

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