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962j 11h 32m looking for House to rent for holidays in February/March 2016 for 5 people
I am looking for a House for 2 adults and 3 children for rent. The most charming as possible. Not far from the beach....
963j 18h 3m Looking for house/apartment for long term 20,000 THB
Looking for house or apartment with separate livingroom and own internet connection. Can not share wifi as I work from home. Looking to move in asap. 15-20000 p/m Thanks James...
1566j 12h 24m Mr.jakebreak 7,000 THB
สวัสดี เพียงบรรทัด การสอบถามเกี่ยวกับระยะยาวอพาร์ทเม้น หรือบังกะโล แอร์ห้องบนของของเกาะเต่า สิ่งที่สามารถจะให้กับฉันทางร...
1914j 22h 1m Apartment wanted 6,000 THB
Apartment longterm from 18april wanted. Around 6000TBH...
2599j 10h 52m urgent, seeks apartment for rent on kho tao 8000 /10000 bath max par mois THB
Hello, we are a french couple with a baby, we are looking for an apartment for rent or House with sea views, comfortable for 2 months from December 01 2011 to January 31, 2010, our budget 8000 a 10000 bath Max per month budget .merci in advance...
2795j 14h 58m Bungalow to rent from middle nov. till end march
Looking for house/bungalow even if simple but must have kitchen, in natural envirement close to beach. Thank's for offers Andrea P.S....
2920j 15h 33m Apartment wanted for two to three weeks 5000 - 7000 THB
Looking for 1 room with double bed, kitchen, (fridge, stove, utensils), internet/wifi, hot water for two to three week period starting June 26/27th ...
3035j 18h 46m Looking for : a house for rent
I'm looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom concrete house with a lounge with cable & kitchen & bathroom with hot water on a flat piece of land (I have dogs) with an easy acccess road. Balcony with a view a bonus & preferably in Sairee area....
3050j 11h 16m I am looking for a long term accommodation
Im looking for long term accommodation.... Please call me on ...
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Looking for a 4 bedroom house from July 2nd to Aug 18th
28 Jun 2017 09:07 | Seen 636 times

Hello we are 4 people looking to rent a house for 7 weeks on Koh Tao...

free animal house guarding
17 Mar 2017 13:28 | Seen 832 times

Retired, dynamic french, home-sitter for several years comes to your home take care of your home, your plants and pets during your absence. Better than a kennel and more economical! We come to your h...

Help for the people
10 THB
27 Jan 2017 02:05 | Seen 3081 times

HelloYou are very honest and of good character. Need help and have difficulty obtaining capital from the Bank, you do not have an income that help you can happen to your monthly payment. Worry no more...

900 m 2 a beautiful land at Koh Tao has rent 2 times 30 years or for sale!
800,000 THB
26 Jul 2016 22:16 | Seen 6513 times

On the road to the Government which leads to Tai Thong Beach, this plot is 900 m 2 it is gently sloping with a flat part. Why choose rental (Leasehold) rather than buy! Buy it will be via a company, w...

Need 2 months rental of 2 bedroom house/appartment from july 1th 2016
30.000 THB monthly THB
03 Dec 2015 18:45 | Seen 1824 times

Looking for a quiet place where I can have up to 3 guests. Has to have balcony, terrasse or garden and wifi....

Looking for a roomate
6,000-9,000 THB
23 Jan 2015 16:04 | Seen 2456 times

Hi! I'm looking for a roommate for three months in Koh Tao. I will be doing an internship and we can share a two-bedroom space. I checked Bua Management listings and it could be more cost-effective...

Looking for 1 bedroom apartment (modern)
20000-25000 THB
19 Feb 2014 11:23 | Seen 11098 times

Looking for apartment on koh tao with spacious rooms sea view and modern i will be sharing wth my fiance so it needs to be a very clean westernised apartment ..looking for price for 1 month 3 month an...

Looking for a home for sale or long term rental in Ko Tao
16 Jan 2014 17:57 | Seen 1715 times

Looking for a house in Ko Tao to the purchase.Please all offer....

Family with baby seeks House 2 rooms
35,000 THB
08 Dec 2013 02:15 | Seen 3051 times

HelloFamily with a 6-year-old child and a baby of 11 months, we're looking a house or apartment with 2 minimum bedrooms and a kitchen for about 3 weeks / 1 month on the island from December 15, 2013 ...

Need a room for 2 months koh tao- Australian girl
5-10,ooo per month THB
01 Dec 2013 04:45 | Seen 2796 times

25 year old Australian girl. Doing dive masters and working for 3 months on Koh Tao. Looking for a cheap room and to live with some easy going and fun people. like playing guitar and having beer :) ...

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JBL 4345 Studio Monitors
06 Nov 2017 23:34 | Seen 4368 times

JBL 4345 Studio Monitors $5680 The JBL 4345 4way studio monitors are in great working condition. These are 4 way system designed for full range or biamplified operation w/ 18" woofers, 10" mids, ...

DLP Dolby Lake Processor LP4D12 4in 12Out-
06 Nov 2017 23:32 | Seen 3072 times

DLP Dolby Lake Processor LP4D12 4in 12Out----- $2200 unit work perfectly and looks great. ships in the original factory cardboard box. comment: 1 card with 4 analog input 3 card with 4 analog ...

Acoustic Guitar
14 Sep 2017 11:53 | Seen 688 times

Just arrived in Koh Tao and looking for a decent second hand acoustic guitar to buy....

Commercial, sales, customer management, reservations
19 Aug 2017 16:50 | Seen 2094 times

I wish to settle and work in koh tao, I have experience in such areas as sales, bookings, customer contact management...Dynamic, motivated, serious, versatile and smiling.I speak french, Spanish, Engl...

I am looking for employment
15000mimimo THB
17 Jul 2017 04:25 | Seen 797 times

Born in galicia Spain. I speak Spanish, English and gallego have mandatory high school a training course in mechanics with hours of practice signed. I started a fp of hospitality and teabaje in a hote...

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